Holland_Peter_250x250My focus is on Maryland and federal consumer protection law and litigation, with a special focus on debt collection defense and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  You came to the right website if you are (1) a consumer looking to consult with or hire a consumer protection lawyer in Maryland; (2) a lawyer looking for advice, co-counsel or formal mentoring from me; or (3) a journalist with a media inquiry. When defending consumers, I offer a combination of “flat fee” full service and limited scope representation in collections cases, because I realize that paying a lawyer at prevailing hourly rates often does not make sense in a collections case.  When I am suing a debt collector, I also seek to recover my fees on a contingency basis, or where possible through fee shifting consumer protection statutes, such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Maryland Consumer Protection Act.  In cases of demonstrated financial need, I offer my services pro bono.

FOR CONSUMERS:  I represent Maryland consumers in the following areas:

  • Debt Collection Defense
  • Debt Collection Harassment and Abuse under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Automobile Repossession
  • Wrongful Foreclosure
  • Credit Reporting Errors under the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Telemarketing Abuse under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices under the Maryland Consumer Protection Act
  • I also offer Brief Legal Advice, legal documents, and court coaching in Consumer Matters — see here and here.
  • I have represented people in litigation against the following entities: Midland Funding, LLC, Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, CACH, LLC, Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC, Hilco Receivables, Pasadena Receivables, FIA Card Services, Capitol One, Bank of America, American Express, BB&T, JP Morgan Chase, and others.

FOR LAWYERS: I help lawyers from around the country in the following areas:

  • co-counsel in consumer individual cases and class actions
  • serve as local counsel in Maryland
  • confidential expert witness consulting
  • workshops and trainings
  • confidential one-on-one attorney mentoring — see here.  Having run a law school Consumer Protection Clinic for 5 years, I am particularly enthusiastic about providing assistance and support to recent law school graduates who have a commitment to advocating for consumers.

FOR JOURNALISTS:  I try to get back to journalists and reporters on the same business day on which I am contacted.  Most helpful is if you send me an email setting forth your deadline, the general nature of what you are writing, and some specific questions so that I can be better prepared when we speak.  If you are seeking comment about a report or court decision, please include a link or attach a copy.

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