Resources on Medical Debt Collection

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How to check medical bills for errors, here.

List of 13 states that may not balance bill, with explanations, here.

If you are in New York, there is actually a website called Stop Surprise Medical Bills, here.

2014 study by the CFPB finding that medical debt overly penalizes consumer credit scores, here.

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s 2014 Medical Bankruptcy Fairness Act, here.

White paper from the National Patient Advocate Foundation on the impact of medical debt, here.

Elizabeth Warren’s 2007 study on “medical bankruptcy” finding that in 62.1% of all bankruptcies were “medical”, here.

Federal Trade Commission website about your rights regarding medical and other debt collection, here.

Consumer Financial Protection  Bureau info about debt collection and your rights, here.

Submit a complaint about debt collection to the CFPB, here.