Social Security Identity Theft Scams Are on the Rise

The lawyers at the Holland Law Firm often help victims of identity theft.

We assist with filing disputes with the Credit Reporting Agencies, with contacting banks and lenders to remove fraudulent accounts, and we represent people who were wrongfully sued on accounts that they never opened. When appropriate, we sue banks, debt collectors, and credit bureaus when they refuse to fix problems clearly caused by identity theft.

One out of every three people say that they frequently worry about identity theft scams.

Identity theft is serious and can leave you with debt, poor credit, and financial losses. Not only does identity theft lead to these financial problems, but it can also take a huge emotional toll on you. The stress, fear, and violation that identity theft brings can affect people for years down the line.

And, unfortunately, the risk isn’t going away anytime soon. Data privacy is constantly in question, and Social Security identity theft scams are on the rise.

Beware of Social Security Identity Theft Scams

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently reported that identity theft scams have been increasing as of late.

Many of these schemes involve scam artists posing as government officials or agencies in order to pressure people into giving out their personal information.

Scammers will text, leave messages, send emails, or send letters saying that you owe money or need to provide them with your personal information to keep your benefits.

Have you been the victim of identity theft scams?


The Holland Law Firm’s experienced identity theft lawyers can help.

They’ll often resort to threats and scare tactics to get people to pay up or give over their social security & credit card numbers.

To learn more about this rise in identity theft scams and how to spot a scam, keep reading on the topic in the Holland Law Firm’s latest newsletter. Also, check out for a comprehensive list of tools and plans for how to recover from identity theft.

If you feel you may have been the victim of a scam, know that it isn’t your fault.

Identity theft is scary, but don’t give up. Give The Holland Law Firm a call today to learn your options and start fighting back against identity theft.

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