Credit Reporting Errors

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Did you know that the Federal Trade Commission estimates that 5% of credit reports contain important errors? Another FTC study saw that 26% of consumers who check their score found potentially material errors. A “material error” can be many inaccuracies such as the account balance, the number of accounts sent to collections, the number of credit inquiries, or the number of late or missed payments.

As credit report lawyers, we’ve seen the damaging ramifications of these reporting errors.

Errors on credit reports cause many problems in both the short and the long term. These errors can result in higher interest rates, wrongful lawsuits, trouble at work, difficulty finding housing, security clearance problems and more. You could be experiencing one of these situations yourself. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Credit Reporting Errors Can Affect Anyone. We Can Help. 

Even if you’ve done everything right in terms of paying on time and being smart with your finances, things can be turned upside down when there are credit reporting errors.

  • Have you noticed that there are negative entries on your credit report that are affecting your score (and your life) that are errors? 
  • Has your credit score been affected by identity theft or fraud
  • Do you think that the credit bureau has made a mistake with your report?
  • Have you paid everything on time, done everything right, and acted in a financially smart way, yet still have blights on your credit report that you cannot get removed?

If any of these sounds like your situation, we can help. 

Do You Need a Credit Report Lawyer? 

Before taking any action, we recommend checking your credit score annually with all three major credit bureaus:

  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • TransUnion

You can do this for free (one time per year) at And if you are a Maryland resident, you can pull them twice a year for free (once under federal law, once under Maryland law). This will help alert you at the first sign of error or trouble. (NOTE: These are your actual credit reports and are much more detailed than other products that are offered for a fee or through your credit card company.)

Luckily, if you see any issues, there are laws in place that the experienced credit report lawyers at Holland Law can leverage to protect you. Namely, the Fair Credit Reporting Act is set up to protect your rights and outlines remedies for action when those rights are violated. 

When you’re up against corporations that don’t care about your rights, you need experienced consumer rights lawyers like the ones at Holland Law in your corner. We’ve taken on some of the biggest financial institutions in America on behalf of our clients and won

If your credit reports are inaccurate, don’t give up. Give us a call.

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