The Holland Law Firm in the News

Emanwel Turnbull

Emanwel’s legal technology work was highlighted in the ABA Journal’s article “Algorithms fall short in predicting litigation outcomes“. He assisted the Baltimore Sun with its investigation into Baltimore City’s rent court and was credited in “Dismissed: Tenants Lose, Landlords Win in Baltimore’s Rent Court

Peter Holland

Peter was quoted by Justice Sonya Sotomayor dissenting in the Supreme Court decision of Midland Funding, LLC v. Johnson. In her dissent, Justice Sotomayor, joined by Justices Ginsburg and Kagan, described eloquently the vagaries engaged in by debt buyers who knowingly file claims that are obviously beyond the statute of limitations. Peter has been quoted in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the American Banker, the Baltimore Sun, Maryland’s Daily Record and other major media outlets, including the following recent coverage:

Listen to Peter discussing collection abuse and harassment as a featured panelist at the “Life of a Debt: Data Integrity in Debt Collection” joint FTC-CFPB roundtable, and on the Diane Rehm Show (here and here).