The Ultimate: National Consumer Law Center’s Websites Related to Automobile Fraud


Vehicle Title and Other History (Experian Auto History)  or  (Carfax)  (AutoCheck)  (CDB Infotek)  (AutoTrack)  (  (Car Proof, which specializes in Canadian title information)  (National Insurance Crime Bureau)  (ISO)  (lists of New Jersey lemon buybacks, flood-damaged vehicles, and salvage vehicles, by vehicle identification number)(click on Law and Public Safety, then on Division of Consumer Affairs, then on Lemon Law Unit)  (Florida lemon buybacks list)  (list of Acura NSX rebuilt wrecks)  (links to state motor vehicle departments’ public records websites)  (decodes vehicle identification numbers)

Hurricane-Affected Vehicles  (free search by VIN number for vehicles and watercraft affected by Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma, and Rita)  (free search by VIN number for vehicles with flood damage)

Government Information  (National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration)  (Federal Trade Commission)  and  (links to state motor vehicle record departments)  (links to state secretary of states’ offices for corporate records)  (information about publicly-traded companies from the Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database)  (contact information for every state to find registered agents for service of process)  (litigation database to find other lawsuits against a company or individual)

Car Pricing Guides  (NADA guides, dealing with cars, trucks, watercraft, RVs, airplanes, classic vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and manufactured homes)  (Kelley Blue Book, dealing with new and used vehicles and motorcycles)  (National Auto Research publications, dealing with vehicles, motorcycles, watercraft, and snowmobiles)  (Pace’s Buyer’s Guides)  (Edmunds)  (AutoSite)  (CarCenter Intellichoice)

Vehicle Financing

Consumer Organizations and Advocacy Groups  (Center for Auto Safety)  (Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS), a California based organization, which includes a lemon index based on data auto manufacturers submit to California agencies, plus links to websites that rate auto safety)  (National Consumer Law Center)  (National Association of Consumer Advocates)  (Consumers Union)  (Trial Lawyers for Public Justice)  (American Trial Lawyers Association)  (National Odometer and Title Fraud Enforcement Association)

Industry Trade Associations (National Automobile Dealers Association)  (National Association of Automobile Auctions)  (American Salvage Pool Association)

Others  (offers on-line searches for technical service bulletins and recall notices, and also has a comprehensive set of links to other websites)  (compiles crash test results not only from NHTSA but from insurance sources and overseas governments; data can be retrieved by make and model; this website also retrieves NHTSA recall information)  (a vast amount of information about the car industry, including a list of the names and locations of dealers, the full text of each state’s lemon law, links to state attorney general lemon law websites, and links to many other websites with information about the auto industry)  (created by an attorney with a long-standing specialty in consumer law, this website is a public service non-commercial guide that catalogs over 1500 useful consumer resources; links allow the user to order many free or low-cost publications and newsletters)  (website of a weekly radio show about cars which includes repair reports about cars, and which compiles comments that car owners have submitted about good features and problems with their cars)  (website of a nonprofit organization for recreational vehicle owners which gathers information about buying, repairing, and troubleshooting)  (website of Automotive News, which reports on enforcement actions)  (links to technical resources, sources of service bulletins, service manuals, vehicle associations, organizations and manufacturers, and other automotive sites)  (vehicle safety data and links)  (search feature for vehicle recalls)