Consumer Attorneys Fighting for Maryland Residents

We are not afraid to take on banks, mortgage servicers, debt collectors, car dealers and credit bureaus. We are consumer attorneys that Maryland residents can turn to when their rights are violated.

“I show up every day because I care about justice and protecting peoples’ rights from abuse by financial predators.” ~ Peter Holland


  • Peter Holland’s articles were cited in court decisions from the United States Supreme Court and the Maryland Court of Appeals.
  • National news outlets such as the New York Times and NPR — plus local outlets such as the Baltimore Sun — call on us for insight and comments.
  • We have taught consumer law and run a Consumer Protection Clinic at the University of Maryland law school.
  • We have published leading articles on consumer law in academic law journals.
  • We lecture on consumer law and trial skills to lawyers and consumer advocates around the country.



  • You can’t sleep at night because you are worried the bank will repossess your car.
  • You can’t eat because a debt collector calls during breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • You are so embarrassed and ashamed about your credit report that you can’t even talk about it.
  • You are scared of getting garnished for a debt you do not even recognize.
  • Your security clearance is in jeopardy because a finance company misapplied your payments.
  • You live in fear of becoming homeless because someone threatens to foreclose on your house.


We are experienced consumer attorneys who know how to discover and communicate our clients’ stories. We spend lots of time getting to know you so that we can tell your story and protect your rights. Whether in the courtroom or in our office, we help clients solve problems through a combination of our deep knowledge of consumer law and our common sense based on over 25 years of lawyering.

Through our support of and participation in legal organizations and community groups in Maryland and throughout the country, we continually strive to become better people and better consumer attorneys.

We also make sure that you understand us.

Legal and financial jargon often leaves people feeling overwhelmed and unable to act. We’ll make sure to communicate everything to you in a way you understand, so you’re comfortable at every step of the process.

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