Debt Collection Defense

Consumer rights lawyers are well suited to counsel someone who has been sued for a debt. The lawyers at the Holland Law Firm regularly serve as debt collection defense attorneys. In fact, we regularly give workshops and trainings to lawyers from around the country in cutting edge strategies of debt defense. Debt collection lawsuits are often filed in an assembly line fashion, and the collectors assume that the vast majority of people will never mount a serious defense to the lawsuit. These assumptions are based on the fact that most people are too ashamed or embarrassed to hire a lawyer to defend them, so they just “give up.” Don’t give up. Give us a call. Through our years of studying the industry and defending consumers, we know where the weaknesses are in the debt collection lawsuits. We know from experience that proof of liability, damages, and even ownership of the debt is often lacking. We know that often these cases are winnable. And we screen every case for violations by the debt collector of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Maryland Consumer Debt Collection Act, and the Maryland Consumer Protection Act. Learn more about our wide experience representing clients in debt collection defense cases. Contact us today to let us know how we can help.

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