“Attorney Holland, I want to thank you and your team for all of your hard work on my case. With your expert knowledge, amazing integrity and dedication to seeking justice, you and your team of experts helped me through one of the darkest times in my life. In these times where justice and integrity are so very rare, you and your team stand like a beacon of light and hope, proving that there are still incredible people in this world who do an amazing job of fighting for justice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Charleene “Charlie” Novic

“I do not think I have ever worked with a lawyer who was so genuinely concerned, compassionate, and willing to go the extra mile to make things right. I was extremely fortunate to have him work on my daughter’s guardianship case.”
Barbara S. — Anne Arundel County, MD

“We have been more than pleased with your lawyering skills. Outstanding!!!”
Monica R. — Dorchester County, MD

“Needless to say, we were thrilled with the final settlement you obtained.  We have been most impressed with you in many ways….[Y]our complete honesty in laying out the difficulty of her situation, and your diligence in her behalf have all been exemplary.  We feel we have met with a man of honor and compassion.”
Joe B. — Wicomico County, MD

“This was my first experience using a lawyer’s services.  I greatly appreciate the time taken by Mr. Holland and Pat to explain the process and answer all my questions.  It made a confusing process much easier.”
Allison M. — Anne Arundel County, MD

“I appreciate excellent service, in a caring manner.  Peter is truly a special person.”
Sally S. — Anne Arundel County, MD

“I really appreciate the hard work Peter did on my behalf….If I still lived in Maryland, I would enlist his services again if necessary.  Highly recommended!”
Janis B. — Virginia

“Because of your help, we were able to save the loss of thousands of dollars. We truly appreciate your kindness and courtesy over the matter and will be glad to recommend your services to our friends.”
R. A. Family — Anne Arundel County, MD

“The Holland Law Firm handled a very frustrating situation quickly with excellent results. Mr. Holland’s knowledge was impressive and his concern genuine. I feel lucky to have found him.”
Jill B. — Talbot County, MD

“I have legal services as work benefits and have used those services in the past.  After dealing with the Holland Firm I found that the Holland firm is far superior and would use them again even though I have FREE lawyer services.
Linda R. — Queen Anne’s County, MD

“I believe you did the best job possible for me, and I would come back to you again when I need help.  I think you and your office are professional, competent, diligent, and communicate well with your clients….I am glad that I met you and now know that if I need a lawyer, you are there for me.”
Diane S. — Anne Arundel County, MD

  • Most of our clients are referred to us by other experienced attorneys, and by existing and former clients.
  • Choosing a lawyer to handle a legal problem is one of the most important decisions a person may ever be faced with. It is similar to choosing a medical doctor: you may go to the best doctor in the world, but if the “chemistry” is not right between you and the doctor, the relationship is not going to work, and your medical care will suffer.
  • With a lawyer, there must be a relationship of TRUST, or it will not work. Therefore, we encourage prospective clients to ask questions regarding experience and credentials, and we will be happy to provide references upon request.
  • Below is a list of General Questions to ask a lawyer.


Here are some questions which may assist you in your search for the right lawyer for your case:

Twelve Questions to Ask Your Lawyer (Taken from Lawyers.Com Website):

  1. What is your experience in this field?
  2. Have you handled matters like mine?
  3. What are the possible outcomes of my case?
  4. What are my alternatives in resolving the matter?
  5. Approximately how long will it take to resolve?
  6. Do you recommend mediation or arbitration?
  7. What are your rates and how often will you bill me?
  8. What is a ballpark figure for the total bill, including fees and expenses?
  9. How will you keep me informed of progress?
  10. What kind of approach will you take to resolve the matter – aggressive and unyielding, or will you be more inclined to reach a reasonable settlement?
  11. Who else in the office will be working on my case?
  12. Can junior attorneys or paralegals in the office handle some of the administrative work at a lower rate?