Mortgage Servicing Disputes

Mortgage servicers are the companies that collect your mortgage payments. Because of the impact of mortgages on credit scores along with the large amounts of money involved with mortgages, any errors on the side of the mortgage servicing company can create short- and long-term issues for consumers.

These issues can include endless collection letters, phone calls, threats of foreclosure, actual foreclosure, and negative impacts on credit scores. 

The mortgage attorneys at Holland Law Firm represent consumers who have experienced mortgage servicing issues including:

    • Wrongful foreclosure
    • Unnecessary junk fees and/or added interest fees 
    • Incorrect allocation of mortgage payments
    • Wrongful denial of loan modification
    • Wrongful attempt to collect a debt after the mortgage was discharged
    • Wrongful credit reporting
    • Inaccurate accounting
    • Ignoring and/or not responding to a proper QWR (Qualified Written Request), RFI (Request for Information), or NOE (Notice of Error)
    • Using threats or other debt collection harassment techniques to collect

Because a mortgage involves your home, any disputes with a mortgage servicer can be overwhelming and scary. We have experience helping people with these disputes.

If you have a dispute over your mortgage, don’t give up. Give us a call.