Student Loan Defense

You don’t need a student loan attorney to know that the student loan debt collection system is a broken mess. Student loan debt collectors often file “assembly line” lawsuits, but when put to the test in court, many times these student loan debt collectors cannot prove their case. In fact, one of the leading studies of the industry is called “Going to School on Robo-signing: How to Help Borrowers and Stop the Abuses in Private Student Loan Collection Cases.” 

You may have more options than you think even, up against powerful student loan debt collectors.

We often hear from people experiencing serious financial hardship and emotional stress as a result of student loan debt collection. Common problems include: 

  • They are suing to collect loans that were arranged by fraudulent for-profit schools
  • Lenders and debt collectors such as Navient, Sallie Mae, National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts do not have accurate records of payments received, and they have been accused by regulators of widespread debt collection abuse
  • They are suing after the expiration of the statute of limitations
  • They did not maintain accurate records or the records are lost
  • They added junk fees to the bill
  • They refuse to provide you an accurate accounting when you asked for it
  • They refuse to fix inaccurate information on your credit reports

Because of the power that these student loan collectors have, many people feel powerless to fight back even when their rights have been violated. Unfortunately, many lawyers play into that myth as well and don’t take many student loan cases.

Not us, though. The Holland Law Firm is proud to offer debt collection defense to Maryland student loan borrowers.

Student Loan Cases in Maryland: Laws in Place to Protect Your Rights

There are several laws in place to protect you and your rights:

MARYLAND’S STUDENT LOAN SERVICER STATUTE – This statute broadly outlaws unfair, abusive or deceptive practices in the servicing of student loans. It requires that payments be allocated as directed by the borrower, and also that certain information be provided upon request. It also makes any violation of this statue a violation of the Maryland Consumer Protection Act as well.

MARYLAND CONSUMER DEBT COLLECTION ACT – This statute generally outlaws things such as threats of criminal prosecution, contacting employers, contacting family or friends, using obscene language, and the two big ones: claiming a right “with knowledge that the right does not exist”, and engaging in debt collection activity without a license.

MARYLAND CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT – This statute broadly outlaws “unfair, abusive, or deceptive trade practices” in many areas, including in “the collection of consumer debts.”

FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT – This statute protects consumers from unfair, abusive, and/or illegal debt collection practices against third party collectors or entities that took over the loan after it was in default. This applies to all types of consumer debt, meaning that a student loan attorney can use this to protect you if you’ve been sued over a student loan. 

You Are Protected. Hire a Student Loan Attorney.

Despite the widespread myth that it’s useless to fight against private student loan cases, your consumer protections are available.

If you’re being sued over a student loan, talk to a student loan attorney. You may have more options than you think even, up against powerful student loan debt collectors.

The lawyers at the Holland Law Firm have years of experience defending debt collection cases, and suing for debt collection abuse.

Student loan cases can have all of the same abuses, all of the same powerful organizations taking advantage of common consumers, and, just like other collection cases, there are protections in place to help you. We are here to help.

Don’t give up. Give us a call.

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