Emanwel Turnbull is the author of two law review articles: “Account Stated Resurrected: The Fiction of Implied Assent in Consumer Debt Collection” in the Vermont Law Review and “Opting Out of the Procedural Morass: A Solution to the Class Arbitration Problem” in the Widener Law Review. Peter Holland is the author of some of the leading articles on debt buyers, including “Current Trends in Consumer Debt Buyer Litigation” in the Maryland Bar Journal, “Debt-Buyer Lawsuits and Inaccurate Data” in the the Boston Fed’s Communities and Banking magazine, “Defending Junk Debt Buyer Lawsuits” in the Clearinghouse Review, “Junk Justice: A Statistical Analysis of 4,400 Lawsuits Filed by Debt Buyers” in the Loyola Consumer Law Review, and “The One Hundred Billion Dollar Problem in Small Claims Courts: Robo-Signing and Lack of Proof in Debt Buyer Cases” published in the Journal of Business and Technology Law. His articles have been cited in court opinions and in scholarly articles.
Download all of his articles here.