Maryland Consumer Protection Act

The Maryland Consumer Protection Act is designed to protect you from unfair and deceptive trade practices. According to this law, “a person may not engage in any unfair, abusive, or deceptive trade practice” including in the following areas:

(1) The sale, lease, rental, loan, or bailment of any consumer goods, consumer realty, or consumer services;

(2) The offer for sale, lease, rental, loan, or bailment of consumer goods, consumer realty, or consumer services;

(3) The offer for sale of course credit or other educational services;

(4) The extension of consumer credit;

(5) The collection of consumer debts.

This list doesn’t end there. Consumer protection law applies broadly to everything from houses to cars to debt collection and includes a number of protections against fraud, deceit, and unfair trade practices.

If you believe that your rights under the Maryland Consumer Protection act have been violated, contact us. As experienced consumer rights lawyers, we help consumers every day who are victims of unfair and deceptive practices involving credit cards, credit reports, debt collection, mortgages, student loans, medical debt and more.

Hiring a consumer Rights Lawyer

Like most consumer protection statutes, the Maryland Consumer Protection Act also includes and authorizes a “private right of action.” This means that a consumer who has suffered injury or loss as a result of the violation of this act and who is awarded damages is also entitled to recover “reasonable attorney’s fees” for having to hire a consumer rights lawyer.

This creates an incentive for private consumer rights lawyers like Peter Holland and Emanwel Turnbull at the Holland Law Firm to accept these cases. It lets lawyers know that if the client wins and is awarded damages, the lawyer is likely to receive a reasonable payment for their legal services.