Homeowners Association (HOA) Disputes

Living in a homeowner’s association (HOA) can be a pleasant experience of dealing with like-minded people who share a common interest in keeping their community beautiful and supportive. In smaller instances, an HOA binds just a few members living together to ensure common spaces such as a yard, porch or driveway are maintained fairly. In larger communities, the HOA can regulate everything from the color of your siding to what you keep in your driveway.

We have seen many disputes over late fees, collection costs and HOA attorney’s fees. And when fees or charges are disputed, or a homeowner gets sued by the HOA, then the simple act of coming home at the end of the day, or seeing one’s neighbors can become embarrassing, humiliating and stressful. 

We hear from people who want to hire an HOA attorney to assist with the following types of issues:

    • A homeowner is blocked from using their parking space or other community areas
    • A member is charged fees or collection costs that are not authorized by their contract or by any statute
    • A member gets sued by the HOA over disputed charges
    • A member gets bills for hundreds or thousands of dollars in legal fees from the HOA’s collection lawyer

The lawyers at the Holland Law Firm have experience representing consumers with HOA disputes. 

Because an HOA is tied to the roof over your head, your finances, and your overall wellbeing, these disputes can be especially overwhelming and scary. The HOA attorneys at the Holland Law Firm fight to protect consumer rights. 

If you need help with an HOA dispute, don’t give up. Give us a call.