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Greenspoon Marder P.A. Class Action

The Holland Law Firm, together with Andrew Delaney of Martin & Associates, P.C., Vermont, filed a class action against law firm Greenspoon Marder P.A. If you have any questions about this case please contact us.

What is the case about?

Greenspoon collects debts arising from timeshares. Greenspoon revealed private financial information about people alleged to owe money on timeshares to third parties. Greenspoon mailed lists of people alleged to owe money, together with the details of what they were alleged to owe, to every person named in the list. Federal law prohibits debt collectors from revealing information about your debt to other people.

What is happening in the case now?

The court recently denied Greenspoon Marder’s motion to dismiss the complaint. The case will now move forward with discovery.

Key Documents


Order denying Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss

Class Settlement – Maryland Management Company

This page has information about the settlement in Claiborne et al v. Maryland Management Company.

What is the case about?

The case is a class action on behalf of former tenants who Maryland Management Company sued and obtained judgments against. Detailed information about the case and the settlement are in the key documents below. If you have any questions about the case, first read the Class Action Settlement Notice below. If you still have questions, call us.

Key Documents


Class Action Settlement Notice

Preliminary Approval Order

Settlement Agreement

Final Order & Judgment