Peter Holland’s 10 Tips On Courtroom Etiquette For Lawyers

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10 Tips on Courtroom Etiquette for Lawyers

Regardless of a lawyer’s style or bent, there is some basic courtroom etiquette which a winning lawyer will always observe. Here are 10 tips for new and experienced lawyers, based on my more than 20 years observing how lawyers and judges interact in the courtroom. 1. DO: Stand when addressing the court. 2. DO: Show exhibits to opposing counsel before showing them to the judge or the witness. 3. DO: Ask permission before approaching any witness or the bench. 4. DO: Properly lay the foundation for a document before offering it into evidence. 5. DO: Build credibility by acting with civility and professionalism at all times. 6. DON’T: Object before your opponent has finished asking the question. 7. DON’T: Continue to argue once a ruling has been made after you have created a record. 8. DON’T: Address your comments to the opposing counsel instead of the court. 9. DON’T: Interrupt opposing counsel when they are asking a question or addressing the court. 10. DON’T: Badmouth opposing counsel or the opposing party. Download these tips here.